ASRS,PALLET RACKING.SMK PRODUCT has enhanced its productivity by maximising the use of space, achieving cost savings and a rapid return on investment. All this, thanks to the project designed and implemented by Mecalux, which has transformed SMKPRODUCTs warehouse in Seville. Mecalux has divided the space of the warehouse into two clearly differentiated areas: the automated warehouse, which occupies the old warehouse zone, and the area with push-back racks on rollers. The processes of entries, storage and dispatch are managed and optimised thanks to the Mecalux EASY WMS warehouse management software, which enables a higher amount of throughput per hour and a total traceability of goods. This logistics centre is equipped with an automatic dock for unloading trucks. With this system an entire truck, with 33 pallets on it, can be unloaded in 2 minutes. Added to this, Mecalux has installed 20 gravity driven live channels in front of the loading docks. Up to 7 pallets deep can be deposited per channel enhancing the speed of dispatches. A tunnel intended for picking passes through each block of racks as to not interfere with the loading process, which is performed on the front side with wire-guided, trilateral forklifts. This solution allows a massive preparation of orders. Discover how we automated and optimsed SMK PRODUCTs controlled temperature logistics centre in this video.

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