For over 40 years, started in 1966 the Karnsakultorn family began the steel trading business by the name 'Sor Samakkee Panich' and had operated the business for about ten years then started manufacturing small parts for the parts traders at Worachak until the company had their own mold and expanded the business and changed company's name to be 'Sor Samakkee Lohakij' which was operated by the second generation successor of the family. The Sor Samakkee Lohakij produced metal parts, not only forging parts from steel but also using brass and aluminum. Our major customers are the automotive manufacturers.

In 1997, the economic crisis

affected automotive parts business. At that time, Sor Samakkee Lohakij also manufactured parts for storage equipments such as storage shelves. Because of the economy crisis, the storage shelves manufacturers were affected as well.

SMK Products was arise

and established in 2000 with a registered capital of three million baht under the management of the company's manager, the second son of the family. SMK Products produced products storage solutions parts with the proportion over ninety percent of the whole company's products and also designed the parts for more than 30 parts distributors throughout country.

SMK Products Today

is one of the leaders of the design and installation of materials storage and handling solutions. We provide design services from beginning, set up storage solutions then produce every parts and components by using the high efficiency machines and have quality control every manufacturing process until the installation and guarantee our products for a full year.